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The Organic Republic

Red clay

Red clay

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Red Clay is perfect for dry and normal skin since it hydrates, tones and revitalizes it

The Organic Republic's Red Clay is 100% natural and is extracted from national quarries, filtered and left to dry in the sun. It serves both for faceand Body and can also be used for the hair.

For face: Red clay is indicated for sensitive and delicate skin. It helps to improve skin tone and revitalize dull and dull skin, as it has hydrating properties. At the same time it acts as a gentle exfoliant, deeply cleaning the skin and regenerating the cells.

For the body: revitalizes the skin and improves circulation. It contains magnesium, which is perfect for delaying aging as it hydrates and softens the body.

For the hair: It helps to eliminate toxins that may exist on the scalp while hydrating and preventing hair loss. This clay works as a general tonic and a cellular revitalizer for the skin.

Each clay package contains 100gr of product and comes with a wooden spatula.

* not recommended for hair with keratin treatments.

Why you will love it?

  • Because it can be used for face, body and hair.
  • Because it is very easy to prepare, apply and remove.
  • You just have to let it dry for 10-20 minutes and remove it with plenty of water.
  • Because of the feeling of freshness after using it.

Key ingredients

100% Illite Clay

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