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The Organic Republic

Green Clay

Green Clay

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Just like the Red Clay but in reverse! This clay helps regulate sebum production and detox your skin. 

Extracted from national quarries, The Organic Republic 100% natural clays are filtered and allowed to dry in the sun. They serve both for faceand for Body and can also be used for the hair.

For face: Green Clay is perfect for oily or combination skin as it regulates sebum and improves acne symptoms. It is a cleanser that acts as a natural peel, and although it is much softer than a synthetic one, it continues to purify the face and remove the dirt that is usually trapped in the pores of the face. On the other hand, it regenerates the skin and helps it breathe.

For the body: It helps to eliminate all kinds of fats, toxins and dirt that may be in the body. Reduces inflammation and helps prevent stretch marks and varicose veins as it contains healing properties.

For the hair: indicated for oily hair, whether they are straight or curly. It has the ability to remove the fat that usually accumulates in the follicles and thus control the secretion of sebum from the scalp.

Each clay package contains 100gr of product and comes with a wooden spatula.

* not recommended for hair with keratin treatments.

Why you will love it?

  • Because it can be used for face, body and hair.
  • Because it is very easy to prepare, apply and remove.
  • You just have to let it dry for 10-20 minutes and remove it with plenty of water.
  • Because of the feeling of freshness after using it.

Key ingredients

100% Montmorillonite Clay

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