¿Qué es la cosmética natural? Te lo contamos todo...

What is natural cosmetic? We tell you everything...

What is natural cosmetic?

When we talk about natural cosmetics, we talk about products made with ingredients from the earth. They usually have the same effects as conventional cosmetics but with much longer lasting results since they respect the natural balance of the skin.

Its main features:

  • Products created with natural and/or ecological ingredients
  • Products free of synthetic ingredients (including perfumes)
  • Products without unnecessary synthetic ingredients.
  • Products with a high concentration of active ingredients.

natural and vegan cosmetics

Advantages of using natural cosmetics:

  • They usually have biodegradable ingredients that do not harm your body or the environment.
  • They are usually vegan
  • They usually have sustainable packaging
  • They are usually cruelty free

cruelty free cosmetics

We say “usually” because not all natural brands meet these characteristics! In our case yes, and we are also certified by bioinspecta and bio vida sana.


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