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Do you know the benefits of Yoga for Hair?

Hair is a part of our body that illustrates the mood of our internal world. One way to heal it is, therefore, to take care of it. And although hair treatments are very important, there are other types of natural tools to revitalize and strengthen it.

Yoga is one of them. This physical and spiritual practice has a direct impact on the hair.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy of life that was born in India thousands and thousands of years ago. In addition to being a discipline that teaches us to move the body, breathe and meditate, it also educates us in the art of living with others. There are a series of principles called yamas and niyamas that function as guides to develop in society and cohabit in peace. And although these ethical values ​​influence the health of our body, today we will talk about the wonderful effect of Yoga postures (also known as asanas) on hair.

How do Yoga postures affect hair?

Yoga is a practice that allows us to move the body consciously : it combines gesture with breathing. Through the different postures, what we do is irrigate the body with oxygen. Blood circulates more easily to the extremities. The mobility we gain allows us to achieve alignment. It is a scientific alignment: what is sought with the postures is to place the internal organs in a specific way to activate and strengthen them. To awaken all its power and its reason for being.

When you practice Yoga with perseverance and consistency (and it doesn't have to be an hour a day, 20 minutes are enough), you experience great changes in your hair. It becomes brighter and stronger, grows more easily and falls less. From being dry and frayed, it can become luminous and lush hair. In addition to stimulating the capillary area and facilitating the absorption of nutrients, Yoga reduces stress levels. We all know that stress is correlated with hair health.

What are the best Yoga postures to take care of hair?

Inverted postures (the head is below the heart), such as:

- Adho Mukha Svanasana,

- Sasangasana,

- Uttanasana,

- Prasarita Padottanasana,

- Sirsasana,

- Sarvangasana

They are fantastic for irrigating the scalp with oxygen.

By placing ourselves in an inverted position, what we do is send all our blood to the brain. This allows oxygen, the body's primary food, to reach the brain organ and stimulate all its vital functions.

Postures are not made for us to adapt to them: postures are made to educate our body in its own alignment. Combining the practice of Yoga with a natural cleansing and hydration routine , through vegetable hair cosmetics, will give you back the hair that you have always deserved to have: luminous, lush and healthy and if you also combine it with one of our hair treatments, you will recover the capillary health of your hair in just two weeks.


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