Si tienes el pelo graso, esto te interesa...

If you have oily hair, this interests you...

First of all, do you already know your hair type? Remember that to select the shampoo that best suits your hair you have to look at the shape of your hair's roots. Here are some clues to identify if your hair type is oily :
  • You wash it every other day, every other day, or even every day.
  • You can barely touch it because it gets dirty quickly.
  • You get excessive oil in the root area
  • You can't apply any product because it makes you oily.
    If this is your case, don't worry! We have a solution for you...


    Shampoo for oily hair The Organic Republic

    This shampoo without sulfates or parabens or any other type of potentially toxic ingredient is 98% natural and is certified by bio.inspecta and livesana .

    It is astringent as it helps eliminate synthetic oil from the scalp and at the same time reinforces it, creating a natural and breathable barrier.

    All this thanks to its natural ingredients :

    Organic aloe vera juice -> improves the appearance and health of the skin. Contains vitamins A, E and provitamin A, known for their antioxidant properties. It cleanses and controls sebum secretion and at the same time hydrates and prevents moisture from being lost. Soothes irritated areas of the scalp.

    Burdock Extract -> sebum regulator, helps hair loss by acting as a hair tonic. Strengthens the root thanks to the inulin, vitamin A and the essential fatty acids it contains. Nourishes hair and skin and purifies the scalp.

    Lemon essential oil -> purifies the hair roots and helps them stay clean for longer. Regulates sebaceous hypersecretion and is vasoprotective. Its aroma transmits joy.

    Rosemary essential oil -> stimulates follicles to strengthen hair roots. It regulates sebum, tones the scalp and provides natural shine. Its aroma transmits vigor.

    Citronella essential oil -> it is astringent and is very effective in removing excess oil from hair. Purifying and refreshing, its aroma transmits optimism.


    After the first three weeks you will notice how your hair shines naturally and how, once this detox period is over, you will lengthen the washing time.
    Once you've balanced your scalp's oil secretion, switch to The Organic Republic shampoo for normal hair !
    The Organic Republic Hair

    I try it, NOW!

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