¿Qué alimentos son los más saludables para fortalecer el cabello?

What foods are the healthiest to strengthen hair?

Discover 5 healthy foods to strengthen hair

Food is a fundamental pillar to live better. To have more health. To perform better. To enjoy strong and slender hair.

We are what we eat. And we are also how we eat. There is no point in eating plant-based, organic products with high nutritional value if while we eat we are stressed, distracted or angry.

For our body to correctly absorb the nutrients from any food, it is important to chew it very well and allow digestion to occur without interruption. Digestion is a process that is given by the parasympathetic system; If we are anxious or stressed, we turn it off.

Therefore, to enjoy healthy hair it is important to eat consciously.

What is conscious eating?

In mindful eating, we use the act of eating to nourish the body and relax the mind. Through this tool, we give the body the time and space necessary to properly ingest, chew, digest and absorb food.

Not only do we change the way we eat, but we become interested in what we eat. We investigate the origin of food. We study its properties and bodily benefits. We listen and feel ourselves, and pay attention to the sensation and effect of food on our body.

Healthy eating is eating based on inner listening and love. Each organism is unique. There is no equal. That is why it is very important to pay all our attention to the act of eating. To prioritize foods that feel good to us. And reduce or eliminate foods that make us feel bad.

You can use a small diary and write down everything you eat and feel day after day. That will help you create your perfect diet: a diet that increases your energy and doesn't take it away.

How does diet affect hair?

Obviously, the foods we eat have a direct effect on our hair.

Organs need essential nutrients to be healthy.

A poor diet can:

- cause hair loss

- eliminate for its shine and luminosity

- increase dandruff and oil

- generate a premature appearance of gray hair…

It is very important to understand that what we eat has a direct effect on our body and that everything is influenced by its nutritional characteristics.

Abusing saturated fats and lacking vitamin B can have a very negative impact on the health and appearance of your hair.

There are, therefore, some essential nutrients to keep hair healthy and long.

Foods to strengthen hair.

To have healthy and luminous hair, it is essential to follow a diet rich in:

- quality proteins: such as legumes, nuts, or eggs

- healthy fats: such as olive or coconut oil, avocado or walnuts (very rich in omega 3 fatty acids)

- group B vitamins: such as oily fish, tempeh or kale

- selenium: such as brazil nuts, oats, mushrooms

- zinc: like brown rice, pumpkin seeds

- iron: such as lentils, spinach or cocoa

- green vegetables: such as chard, lettuce, spinach or broccoli….

And above all, drink plenty of water. Water is essential to have long, lush and luminous hair.

In addition to this, incorporating a hair beauty routine can also help.

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