Para ti, ¡la encargada de gestionar los regalos de Navidad!

For you, the one in charge of managing Christmas gifts!

Whether you are a company and have run out of ideas for Christmas gifts or if you are in charge of buying all the family gifts, we give you original and healthy ideas to give to your loved ones during these holidays.

1- Box Glossy Hair
If you are already using natural cosmetics and want to convince a beginner to take the step, this pack is perfect so as not to notice such a radical change when starting to use natural shampoos. Choose one of the three shampoos (for oily, dry or normal hair) and add the mask to deeply nourish and help with detangling. Both products are natural and without synthetic perfumes, transport yourself to the countryside with our aromas derived from their essential oils!

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Box Glossy Hair - Natural Shampoo and Mask

RRP €28 / 1 shampoo and 1 mask of 250ml

2- Box Clay
Do you know that your friend already uses natural cosmetics and you want to give her a little something but you don't know how to surprise her? This pack is perfect for any type of person since both clays are used for the body, face and hair and leave the skin detoxified and clean deeply without being aggressive to the skin. Mix it with a little water, apply it to the area you prefer, wait 20' and feel how your skin breathes again. One teaspoon of clay is enough for the entire face!

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Box Clay - Green Clay and Red Clay

RRP €12 / 2 clays of 100gr and a wooden spatula

3- Box Amazing Body & Hair
The best pack for the most advanced! All your daily hygiene products in one package. Contains: Body gel made from grapefruit, cedar and orange, which in addition to its spectacular smell, will help you reduce skin itching. Hair mask/conditioner that deeply nourishes and helps detangle thanks to the hydrolyzed almond and corn proteins it contains of 100% natural origin. Natural shampoo without silicones to choose between dry, oily or normal hair.

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Box Body&Hair - Shampoo, body gel and natural mask

RRP €39.50 / 1 shampoo, 1 mask and a 250ml body gel

4- Box Zero Waste Hair
If your friend or family member is one of those who recycle absolutely everything, who looks for small local stores and who loves to try new brands with values ​​that fit them, this is the perfect pack! Shampoo in solid format that lasts between 80 and 100 washes (3 times longer than another 250ml liquid!), soap dish and bamboo brush.

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Box Zero Waste Hair - Solid Shampoo, Bamboo Brush and Soap Dish

RRP €30.50 / 1 shampoo 90gr, 1 bamboo soap dish, 1 bamboo brush

5- Box Bamboo Lover
Perfect wardrobe items for those who already use healthy cosmetics! Brush your teeth while whitening them naturally with our toothbrush infused with active charcoal, comb your hair with our bamboo brush that does not break the hair and detangles it in a single pass and keep your solids in good condition with the bamboo soap dish.

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Box bamboo lover

RRP €24 / 1 toothbrush, 1 soap dish and 1 hair brush, all bamboo

In case you didn't already know us, we tell you that all our products are part of the slow life movement, which proposes slowing down the pace of life and returning to the roots of nature. In addition, we are certified by PETA as Cruelty Free and vegan and we manufacture in Spain with local and local ingredients.

If you are a company, write to us at and we will put together a personalized pack with your budget.

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