Mi paso a la cosmética natural

My move to natural cosmetics

The transition from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics is not always easy. Today I will explain my ups and downs in this adventure. But spoiler : now I'm in love.

Girl picking lemons

I have always tried to take care of my hair, buying somewhat expensive products from hair salons, doing hydration treatments or cutting the ends every two months. However, I had never taken the step into natural cosmetics.

What's more, the most natural thing I had applied to my hair were homemade egg and EVOO masks during the quarantine... Although it did leave my hair shinier, it is not something easy or comfortable to do every week.

When I tried The Organic Republic products, the first thing I liked was the smell. My goodness, how good they smell! They are so fresh that in some you can even distinguish just by smell what ingredients it contains, such as orange or lemon. This was already a point in his favor.

Liquid shampoo with oranges

I started with the products most similar to what I was used to: extra hydrating body cream, liquid shampoos and mask-conditioner. I loved them all, however, I began to notice that my hair stayed clean for less time.

I have always been one to go with unwashed hair for 4-5 days, and although it may seem outrageous to some people, it worked very well for me. When I switched to natural cosmetics, this scared me: my hair was greasy after two days. I thought “oh no, I don't want to be washing it every now and then. Before I was very comfortable with my hair type. “How lazy.”

Maybe it was true what I had heard about natural cosmetics not cleaning as well as conventional ones? Meckk, mistake. What was happening to my hair was that it was detoxing all the chemicals I had put in it over the years.

Now I am very happy with my move to natural. I even dare to use solid shampoos, and I have to confess that I even like them better than liquid ones. They are all advantages: you help the environment, the animals, and yourself. Plus, they make a lot of foam, which I love.

Hands holding solid shampoos with lots of foam

So now you know, if you are waiting for a sign to take the step, I encourage you to do it!

All the best,

Lucy :)

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