Low poo

Low poo

Well yes, even if you don't know it, you are following the "low-poo" method

"Low-poo" derives from "no-poo" which consists of washing your hair without shampoo. Unlike this, "low-poo" allows the use of sulfate-free shampoos.

This method is growing in number of followers because it cleans deeply without leaving hair dry.

Low poo

As you may already know, sulfates are detergents (derived from petroleum) responsible for cleaning and foaming. What you may not know is that these sulfates are so aggressive that they drag down the natural protective layer of the scalp and therefore cause itching , peeling and imbalances in the skin .

And if you are not yet using our shampoos, right now you may be thinking: "yeah, but the natural ones don't leave my hair the same." And we agree... They don't leave it the same, but better! It's just a matter of patience and in 2-3 weeks you will see your hair shiny and healthy and the feeling in the shower will be much more pleasant.

natural hair

Why does The Organic Republic follow the "low-poo" method?

Because our products are free of:

- Sulfates : we only use cleansing agents of natural origin that are gentle and respectful of the scalp.

- Petroleum derivatives : we only use ingredients of natural origin, in our products you will not find any type of silicone, for example.

- Parabens : the preservatives we use are derived from coconut.

- Artificial fragrances : we only use natural aromas derived from essential oils.

Solid shampoos

I want a low poo shampoo!

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