¡El nuevo jabón con lemongrass es lo más! 🍋

The new soap with lemongrass is the best! 🍋

We increase range with an astringent soap

If you already know our soap with rosehip, you will love the new addition to the family of zero waste products: WARM LEMONGRASS

Did you know that lemongrass has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and helps reduce pores and cleanse deeply? That's right, and these two ingredients are the main ones in the new Warm Lemongrass face and body soap and that is why it is perfect for combination and oily skin, since it has an olive and coconut oil base that moisturizes without greasing.

Lemongrass artisan soap

If you don't have combination and oily skin, and you have normal/dry and sensitive skin, we recommend WILD ROSE . This delicious handmade soap is made from rosehip and has regenerating and moisturizing properties. It is very soft and has a sweet aroma (derived from its essential oils) of patchouli and orange.

Like the previous soap, it is completely biodegradable and made in Barcelona with local ingredients.

Soap with rosehip

The advantages of using solid soaps are (almost) endless:

  • One product for everything: use it for body, face and hands.
  • It doesn't take up space: not in your toiletry bag, not in your shower!
  • It is zero waste: without plastics.
  • Long lasting: lasts 3 times longer than a 250ml liquid.
  • Travels great: if you go away for the weekend, take it with you and forget about going back to conventional soaps.

Find them all by clicking HERE .

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