Descubre los beneficios de los masajes capilares

Discover the benefits of hair massages

Hair Massages: essential to show off healthy hair

We all like massages. We all dream of being able to give ourselves a massage from time to time. It is a moment of pure joy.

When we give ourselves a massage, our body relaxes and our mind calms down.

Massages are a therapy: through gentle and conscious pressure on different points of the body, we can unblock stagnant emotions, a lot of suffering and even trauma.

In addition, we can activate different bodily functions: it is truly an art.

At The Organic Republic we want our products to become an experience. In a moment of great connection, intimacy and relaxation.

We want you to use our products as a natural therapy: for our shampoos and masks to become the natural medicine for your hair.

That's why today we talk to you about hair massage and how it can benefit your hair.

What is a hair massage?

A hair massage is a therapeutic technique that uses the pressure of the fingertips to activate different parts of the scalp. Small, circular movements are made, at the same time exerting light pressure on the skull.

Through hair massages, we activate blood flow, stimulate nerve endings, and allow oxygen, an essential nutrient for the scalp, to arrive effectively.

Did you know that with 4 minutes of hair massage daily for two weeks, hair growth cycles improve?

What effect do hair massages have on hair health?

The effects of hair massages on hair health are very positive:

- activate blood circulation

- reduce stress levels, relieving anxiety and fatigue

- soothes head and neck pain

- help strengthen hair and accelerate hair growth

- improve mood...

The important thing, when doing hair massages, is to use natural cosmetics: we have to keep in mind that everything we put on our head enters the body through the pores of the skin. It is very important to maintain good exterior hygiene, but interior cleanliness is also essential.

Therefore, our range of 100% vegetable hair products are ideal for strengthening hair without causing internal damage. We use vegetable oils and essential oils: this allows nature's healing properties to strengthen, hydrate and protect your hair.

Mindfulness practice: hair massage with natural cosmetics.

Hair massages should not be complicated. They are very simple and intuitive. Today we will share with you a small mindfulness practice so that you can incorporate it into your daily hygiene.

When you get into the shower, take a couple of conscious breaths.

Inhale through your nose.

Exhale through your nose.

Bring your attention to the upper part of your body. Towards the neck. The face. The temples. Brain. The hair. Relax the brow.

Let the water that falls on your hair and skin cleanse and refresh you. Feel his touch, his temperature. Imagine that all the dirt on your body goes away with the water. Feel how you get rid of all the physical toxins, all the negative ideas...

Now use one of our natural shampoos formulated only with essential oils, and rub it well between your hands. Once you've gotten a good dose of foam, smell it for a moment. Let the smell of nature enter your nostrils. May the comforting properties of essential oils intoxicate your entire being.

Bring your hands towards your head and use your fingertips to make small, circular movements. You can apply soft and delicate pressure on different areas of your head. Above the forehead. Behind the ears. At the top of the head. Along the cervicals.

Breathe and continue massaging your scalp. Massage your entire skull, with love and care.

When you feel it is enough, rinse your hair and repeat the same process with the conditioner and mask.

It is a very therapeutic experience: use it as preventative medicine.

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