Consejos para mantener tu pelo sano

Tips to keep your hair healthy

Who doesn't want to have healthy and strong hair?

We give you three tips to achieve it

1. Moisturizes.

Just like we water a plant or drink 2L of water a day (or try), our hair must also stay hydrated.

Once a week, leave a conditioning mask on your hair for at least 20 minutes, and then rinse. If you are consistent, you will notice the difference in a short time.

You can also make homemade masks. For example, if you want to achieve strength, shine and hydration, try making an olive oil and mayonnaise mask, and if you want to hydrate your hair and prevent frizz, you can make an avocado and almond oil mask.

2. Heals ends.

It is normal for the ends of your hair to split, but you have to cut them in time before they affect the rest of your hair. Split ends can cause the “zipper” effect, which means that the hair will break from a higher area.

An obvious way to see that we need to go to the hairdresser for a haircut is when it constantly tangles, or when we notice that it has lost shine and volume.

Furthermore, hair grows about 15 cm over the course of a year, so it is recommended that you cut two centimeters every three months. That will leave you with a margin of 7 cm of hair growth by the end of the year (to give you an idea, about the length of your mobile phone).

3. Correct washing.

Although it may seem like an easy task, washing your hair has its trick.

First of all, the water should always be cool or lukewarm. We cannot wash our hair with hot water as it will open the cuticle and irritate the scalp.

Second, do not apply too much product, a little is enough.

Third, apply the shampoo dividing the areas of your hair. That is, start at the front of the head, then massage the crown of the head, and finish at the nape of the neck. This will ensure that there are no uncleaned areas when you finish your wash.

Fourth, don't rub too hard. Try massaging with your fingertips gently and making circles. If we rub excessively or too forcefully we can damage the scalp.

Another tip: if your hair gets dirty quickly, you can apply the shampoo twice following our aforementioned recommendations, in order to clean it thoroughly.

Finally, try to use quality products that do not contain chemicals, parabens, sulfates or salts, to try to preserve the natural state of the hair.

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