Beneficios de los aceites vegetales para el cabello

Benefits of vegetable oils for hair

Hair is an external organ that reflects the mood and health of our internal world. If we neglect our hair, we are probably going through a bad time.

We think that worrying about our appearance is superficial; But that's not true. When we pay conscious and rational attention to our personal image, we do so because we respect, love and accept ourselves.

We inhabit a body: our duty is to keep it healthy and clean for the time we incarnate it.

When we become disinterested in the body, we become disinterested in ourselves.

At The Organic Republic we promote a conscious lifestyle that takes care of the body to be well on the inside. Our mission is to offer you the best sustainable hair products so you can pamper yourself and take care of the environment.

In our natural cosmetics you will find different ingredients that will nourish, protect, hydrate and soften your hair from the outside in. One of its compounds is vegetable oils.

What is a vegetable oil?

Vegetable oils are the result of cold pressing certain fruits or seeds. We have virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, hemp oil... The list is very long: new things appear every day.

These vegetable liquids are fantastic for supporting certain functions of the body: from brain nutrition, to stabilizing insulin in the blood, to hair care.

They are, therefore, very multifaceted and versatile.

What effect do vegetable oils have on hair?

The main effect of vegetable oils on hair is hydration. Its composition of healthy fats explains this function: our body is made of fat and needs fat to survive.

Healthy fats contain special molecules that provide hydration, lubrication and softness to all tissues in the body.

From here, each vegetable oil can have more specific effects on the body depending on its molecular nature.

Even so, broadly speaking, vegetable oils:

- have an emollient action and great tolerability

- work as a protective layer for the scalp, protecting it from dehydration and dryness

- have a softening, soothing, moisturizing and nourishing effect

- they are antioxidants, regenerators and repairers

Combining, in the same hair formulation, different types of vegetable oil with essential oils is ideal to obtain a complete and effective cosmetic product.

Did you know that vegetable oils can also be mixed with our natural clays?

This enhances its effect: coconut oil provides a lot of hydration, making it perfect for use with our red clay, while neem oil is more astringent, ideal for use with our green clay.

Specific properties of vegetable oils

As we have mentioned before, vegetable oils have small peculiarities:

- olive oil: it is an excellent natural antioxidant thanks to its high content of vitamin E. This allows hair follicles and hair fibers to remain strong, which is essential for hair to grow healthy, faster and firmer. It also prevents the tips from breaking easily.

- coconut oil: in addition to repairing split ends and damaged hair, it strengthens hair roots. It moisturizes it: due to its texture and components, it acts as a natural softener, which is perfect for dry, oily or damaged hair.

- avocado oil: avocado hydrates hair naturally thanks to the contribution of water and vegetable fats. Repairs damaged hair and stimulates growth.

- sweet almond oil: it is an oil with a high content of proteins, minerals and vitamins A, B and E, so it is essential for people who want to have soft and shiny hair. It also reduces frizz, provides sun protection, defines and shapes curls, combats seborrheic dermatitis, eliminates dandruff and dryness on the scalp...

- jojoba oil: it can regulate the secretion of fat or sebum on the scalp, also preserving its pH and combating dandruff. Its characteristics give the hair great nutritional value. Its application strengthens the hair from the roots to the tips, and gives it a soft, shiny and hydrated appearance, thus enhancing its color and optimizing its natural structure.

The world of hair cosmetics and vegetable oils is very extensive. When you find the product that works for you, use it without alternating with others to see results and thus overcome the detox process that the skin needs to get rid of accumulated synthetic ingredients.

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