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Box Amazing Body & Hair

Box Amazing Body & Hair

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 Healthy showers!

If you're already using natural cosmetics and you only need to switch to daily products, this is the perfect pack to do so.

The pack includes:

- Shower gel with grapefruit, cedar and Mediterranean orange, that besides having an incredible scent, it helps to reduce itching and irritations.

- Conditioner & Hair Mask extremely nourishing. It creates a natural layer on your scalp which protects your skin and deeply hydrates it. It also protects the hair from sun radiations acting as a soft UV protector. Helps detangle thanks to its corn and almond hydrolyzed proteins, no silicones involved!

- Shampoo  sulfate and silicone free natural shampoo to choose between dry hair, oily hair or normal hair. 

As always, all our products are free from synthetic ingredients and only contain Mediterranean ingredients.

You won't believe the natural scents of all three products! Only made with essential oils, forget synthetic parfums!

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