Vuelta de vacaciones... pelo hecho un desastre 😪

Back from vacation... hair a mess 😪

Is your vacation over yet?

If the answer is yes, it's time to restore shine to your hair!

Recover the health of your hair in the most natural way

Salt, chlorine and the sun are three of the things that damage your hair the most on vacation, drying it out and dulling its shine. That is why in September it is time to switch to natural shampoos since they are less aggressive, less irritating and much more moisturizing than conventional ones.
Box Glossy Hair - The Organic Republic
We recommend the Glossy Hair pack which consists of one of our three shampoos (for damaged hair, take the MALVA HUMMOCK shown in the photo) and the Hair Mask and Conditioner.
Also, if you buy both products with the pack, it costs €28 instead of €29.50 😊


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