Red Algae Eye Mask

Red Algae Eye Mask

Double patches for a fresh and illuminated look

These double patches (for eyelid and dark circle) in addition to being organic, are biodegradable since they are made of natural polymers

Biodegradable eye patches

Its objective: to take care of your skin through a combination of natural ingredients and to give a flash effect to your eyes.

What is special about them?

1. They reduce bags and dark circles.

2. They are double, so in a single use, you illuminate both eyelids and dark circles.

3. Reduce pigments and dark spots.

4. They hide signs of fatigue.

5. They give a flash effect thanks to the combination of natural ingredients they contain.

biodegradable patches


Barley stem water - rich in nutrients and with emollient and softening properties.

Albizia extract - known as the silk tree, this extract reduces pigments (tested in vitro)

Sodium hyaluronate - in its presence with water it transforms into natural hyaluronic acid. It acts like a sponge to attract and retain water and therefore keeps the area hydrated.

Phytospherix - is a natural botanical extract. Its function: hydrate and revitalize the skin. It also has anti-aging properties that provide softness and reduce signs of aging.

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