No taponar el poro y hacer tu pelo vuelva a respirar

Do not clog the pore and make your hair breathe again

Did you know that if you clog the pore of your skin or hair, the treatments you apply lose effectiveness?

The scalp is a living organ that needs to breathe. Through the pores, the follicles and sebaceous glands open to the surface of the skin and through them, natural sebum comes out that keeps the hair area hydrated.
If we use comodogenic ingredients, not only can the skin not breathe but you also prevent the main active ingredients of the product from penetrating.

What are comodogenic ingredients?

Comodogenic ingredients are those that clog and clog the pore, preventing the hair from breathing. These ingredients especially affect those people with oily hair since they enhance excess sebum.

What are the main comodogenic ingredients?

- Oils of mineral origin or synthetic oils. We highlight paraffins, silicones, Vaseline, etc.).

- Animal waxes such as beeswax.

- Wheat germ or soybean oil.

Why avoid them?

We have been applying cosmetic products with a high percentage of synthetic ingredients for years. These ingredients include, among others, petroleum derivatives that clog the pore.

When the pore becomes clogged, it does not allow the skin to breathe and therefore, said skin generates excess sebum to counteract, thus affecting the oiliest scalps, but also the normal ones.

Hair health depends on being able to breathe and for that, it is essential to use shampoos and other hair products that do not clog the pore. This way, your hair will look shiny and pretty.


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