Recuperar el cabello después del verano

Recover hair after summer

Hair is damaged more in summer than in other seasons, but... do you know why? Sea salt, wind, chlorine from swimming pools, sand and humidity, among others, dehydrate and affect the balance of the hair. It is necessary to have a routine and treat your hair so as not to pay the price of a vacation with your hair health.

How to maintain healthy and beautiful hair?

There are different hair routines depending on your hair's needs, but they all include one essential: a mask/conditioner to deeply hydrate. It is important that the products you choose do not contain synthetic ingredients such as silicones since these clog the pore and do not allow the hair to breathe.

pack recovery hair the organic republic

- Dry hair solid shampoo: The only solid shampoo that deeply nourishes and foams. With natural Mediterranean ingredients, it recovers hair from the excesses of summer.
Link to shampoo
- Hair mask and conditioner: Our best-seller. The only one on the market that detangles and nourishes without silicones. Made with hydrolyzed almond and corn proteins and redensifying essential oils, it is the only hair health recovery treatment that recovers hair density and makes the hair breathe again without clogging the pore.
Link to the mask
Both products make up the Detox Hair Recovery pack: THE ONLY HAIR HEALTH RECOVERY TREATMENT

And if we haven't convinced you... look at this client's before and after!

healthy hair before and after treatment

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