¿Qué deportes son buenos para la piel y el cabello?

What sports are good for skin and hair?

Positive effects of conscious sport on the skin

Discover the positive effects of conscious sport on skin health.

Mindful movement of the body is something that people are seeking and practicing more and more. For a time, the trend was to spend hours and hours in the gyms, practice two or three workouts a day, follow a very protein and strict diet... All this to try to show off "the perfect body."

However, this sporting practice cannot be sustained for a lifetime. It is not healthy. It damages the body, mind and especially the soul.

And this, deep down, we know. That is why conscious sport is born:

to turn body movement into a source of fun and growth. Conscious sport is an expression of life itself: in addition, when our mind is relaxed and relaxed, the body is able to perform more, metabolize calories better and define the body in the shape it really needs.

What is conscious sport?

This will surprise you, but did you know that your mind is also capable of burning calories? That a focused, relaxed and motivated mind is capable of unfolding its full potential?

Concentrating on the physical activity we are doing and managing to escape from the rest of the world, focusing on what we are really doing at that precise moment, results in very positive results. Also and no less important, it prevents injuries and increases the body's metabolism.

If while you are doing physical activity you concentrate on your sensations and the muscles involved in each movement, in addition to achieving better results, you will be able to disconnect more.

Conscious sport is a perfect tool to give your mind a break and live in the present moment. This is a real gift for the brain: the conscious use of the energy that beats within us allows us to perform great actions and achieve sporting achievements.

What are the positive effects of conscious sport on the skin?

Performing physical exercise makes the skin brighter, smoother and younger looking.

When you are doing physical activity, the blood pumps better to all the organs, including the skin, which makes it recover its luminosity.

Stress is one of the things that weakens our skin, causing it to age prematurely, therefore, sports will help you de-stress and achieve healthier, healthier skin.

By practicing sports you are keeping your collagen in better condition, which has an impact on the firmness and smoothness of your skin.

Sweating contributes to the elimination of dirt and impurities from the pores, preventing skin conditions such as acne or blackheads.

By having more toned skin, we manage to combat sagging, greatly reducing the appearance of cellulite or varicose veins, since physical exercise favors the elimination of retained fluids.

Practicing sports makes you rest better and sleep is a great restorative, so you get a more relaxed face without dark circles.

The sweating that is achieved by practicing sports makes you drink more water and therefore makes you stay more and better hydrated.

Skin care when doing sports

Before starting a sporting activity, we must keep in mind that it is very important that the skin is perfectly clean in order to eliminate toxins. Our solid rosehip soap is perfect for this: it also has regenerating and moisturizing properties and helps eliminate spots, scars and stretch marks.

After exercising, we should apply moisturizing creams with the body still wet and in circular movements from the neck to the feet. Our extra-hydrating cream with oat and calendula extract nourishes even elbows and heels.

The same thing happens for the face: you must clean your skin well and use a toner and then apply the moisturizing cream.

Use sports as a way to celebrate life and the ritual of hygiene and cleanliness as a way to honor your own beauty.

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