El primer peine 100% biodegradable del mercado ✨✨

The first 100% biodegradable comb on the market ✨✨

Welcome to the future, 3D printing is here to stay!

Discover our new comb made from vegetables

This comb It is made in PLA, material 100 % biodegradable . It is composed of corn starch, tapioca roots and sugar cane and is obviously free of petroleum and BPA. Furthermore, it is manufactured using the 3d print so in your process no toxic materials or substances are generated or used and it is made locally in Barcelona.

biodegradable comb

In case you did not know, he PLA is a polyester biodegradable and bioactive that does not require any maintenance and can be recycled as many times as desired. Besides is biodegradable in temperatures from 60ºC or it can degrade into water and carbon oxide, or finally, spending a few months in he industrial composter. Therefore this comb It is compostable 100 % unlike traditional plastics that take more than 100 years to decompose.

Choose it in navy blue or beige.

100% biodegradable comb

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