Días de cuarentena, días de autocuidado

Quarantine days, self-care days

Take advantage of these days at home to do what you never had time to do. We suggest you prepare a facial , body or hair mask with one of our clays. If you close your eyes you can imagine yourself on a lost beach in Menorca smearing your entire body with miraculous mud ✨✨

Do you have questions?

We answer them below.

What is the difference between red and green?

First of all, say that they are valid for any type of skin. It is true that green clay is more specific for oily skin because it better absorbs fatty components and blackheads, also for acne-prone skin, but red clay is suitable for all skin types, even those with dermatitis, rosacea, more sensitive and atopic skin. That's why, for example, if you have a combination face and a sensitive scalp, you will need both: Box Clay .

Box Clay - red clay and pure green clay

What is special about clays?

Clays are detox and nutritious because they help get rid of unwanted substances. They are a source of minerals and trace elements and also absorb radicals. They make your cells much more active than normal since they increase blood circulation and that causes a faster exchange of nutrients.

What is the order of products I should apply to my face?

It is very important to apply the mask with a clean face. That's why the order would be: cleaning-clay-cream.

The Organic Republic Natural Cosmetics

How are they used?

Although it may not seem like it, they are super simple and quick to prepare. You just have to add the clay to a bowl and add water very slowly (if you overdo it you will have to add more product) and mix at the same time. Once you have a homogeneous mass, neither too liquid nor too solid, you can now apply the clay to the area to be treated. The ideal thing is to let it act for about 20 minutes and then remove it with plenty of water. The proportion for the face would be 2-3 spatulas with product for about 2ml of water (approximately 2 tablespoons). You can also add a few drops of vegetable oil to enhance its properties. We recommend tea tree for oily skin and jojoba or almond for dry skin.

How are they used on hair?

The scalp is where there are the most blood vessels and the most porosity. That's why it's great for your hair. It greatly increases circulation and this prevents hair from falling out as much because it strengthens the roots. You just have to make the normal mixture with water and apply it to the scalp, after 20 minutes you will only have to rinse with plenty of water.

Can I prepare more quantity and save it?

Yeah! You can prepare more and store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator. It can last up to a month.

Do I have to use the spatula that comes with the product?

You can use any spoon or spatula as long as it is made of wood or ceramic. The metal causes the clay to lose properties.

Natural clays


€6.50 one, €12 two. Remember that with only two tablespoons you have a complete facial clay so the sachet lasts a long time!

I'm going to get my clay

For more information you can contact Camino Green who is an expert on these topics :)

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