¿Cómo lavarte los dientes sin contaminar? 🌱

How to brush your teeth without contaminating? 🌱

Switch to bamboo brushes!

Bamboo toothbrush

This bamboo brush, in addition to being biodegradable , is very resistant and has bristles infused with active charcoal , the natural bleach par excellence. In addition to this, the bamboo used contains natural antimicrobial agents and therefore does not need pesticides or other fertilizers to grow.

As for its shape, it has waves that facilitate grip as well as a very comfortable length for use by adults.

Moso active charcoal bamboo toothbrush

The softness of the bristles is medium, it cleans thoroughly without damaging the enamel or gums.

moso bamboo brushes pack

Also available in a pack of 4 units, which in addition to saving you practically 15 %, lasts a year since dentists recommend changing it every 3 months.


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