¿Caspa, picores...? ¡Te ayudamos!

Dandruff, itching...? We help you!

How annoying is dandruff, itching and wounds that appear on the scalp and that there is no way to eliminate...

First of all, I would like to tell you that if you have any of the symptoms mentioned, the most important thing is to go to the dermatologist since in general this issue is not given much importance and it is a pathology that must be treated by a professional because in addition to having many types, there are different degrees and each one needs a specific treatment.

That said, there are many of you who write to us asking what products will make these annoying symptoms disappear, but although we do not have a specific product for peeling processes, we do have two very nourishing and soothing shampoos that help but are not specific:

natural shampoo for dry hair the organic republic natural and vegan solid shampoo

Malva Hummock liquid shampoo for dry hair is 98.3% natural and eutrophic, that is, it provides nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to your hair. It is made from aloe vera juice and essential fatty oils . Its nutrients will help fortify the roots of your hair and hydrate it, thus promoting hair growth. In addition, its softening and moisturizing properties will calm and decongest your scalp, giving it flexibility and contributing to the reduction of flaking. It contains Malva extract, which is a great moisturizer which hydrates, soothes and decongests the scalp, ylang ylang essential oil that stimulates hair growth, cedar essential oil which is a great antioxidant, geranium essential oil that nourishes and tones the scalp and lavender essential oil that is soothing.

If you prefer a solid option, Lavender Hills shampoo is made from extra nourishing and biodegradable natural ingredients . Helps soothe the most sensitive scalps and hydrate the most damaged roots. Like the previous one, it contains lavender essential oil, which is a great soothing agent, and petitgrain essential oil, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


And as an extra soothing option to use as a weekly hair treatment, Red Clay

pure red clay extracted from national quarries and not irradiated

This clay is natural and is extracted from national quarries , filtered and left to dry in the sun. It works for both the face, body and hair.

In the hair , it helps eliminate waste that may exist on the scalp while moisturizing and helping to prevent hair loss. This clay works as a general toner and cellular revitalizer for the skin . The scalp is where there are the most blood vessels and the most porosity. That is why it is great for the hair since it greatly increases circulation and this prevents hair from falling out as much since it strengthens the scalp. On the other hand, being so soothing, it helps reduce peeling and itching.


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