Aromaterapia y productos capilares

Aromatherapy and hair products

Discover the benefits of aromatherapy in hair products

Essential oils are the new must for anyone who walks the path of personal growth. Emotional management coaches use it in their private sessions.

Beauty and wellness influencers teach aromatherapy classes. Books about essences, plants and natural therapies with wild flowers abound in physical and digital bookstores.

It has been seen, through different scientific studies, that the essence of certain elements of nature, such as wild flowers, wild plants, certain types of wood and resins, or even citrus fruits, have a direct effect on emotions, the mind and the body.

The ancient sages were already aware of this and created a specific modality to treat illnesses and emotional disorders: aromatherapy.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic technique that uses the essential oils of medicinal plants and/or wild flowers as a tool to treat certain emotions and mental states.

It works by stimulating the olfactory receptors in the nose which, upon perceiving the aroma of the essential oil, can absorb its healing properties: our conditioner and hair mask, for example, is composed of essential oils of geranium, marjoram, ylang ylang and cedar. This restores health to our hair, but also helps us relax our mental whirlwind.

We have carefully studied the art of aromatherapy to turn the moment of hair care into an opportunity to balance our emotions and relieve tension.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

The benefits of aromatherapy are endless. Every day current studies appear that publish new discoveries about its wonderful effects.

Some of them are:

- improves the quality of life of people with chronic diseases, relieving physical pain and emotional suffering.

- improves sleep cycles, allowing all the body's restoration and repair processes to develop without interruption.

- helps counteract emotional illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

- promotes a good mood.

- has a stimulating or relaxing effect, depending on the essential oil used and the intention of the session…

Using a natural hair cosmetic that contains the active ingredients of these natural essences is fantastic for taking care of our hair and feeling full. We not only pamper our hair, we also offer ourselves a moment of connection with our inner world.

Advantages of using hair products with essential oils

Who doesn't like to have shiny, silky and healthy hair?

One of the main advantages of using essential oils for hair care is that it has a healthy and 100% natural appearance.

- Different types of oils make your hair grow quickly and naturally.

- Reduce hair loss significantly.

- They manage to increase the density of your hair.

- They help relieve irritated scalp.

It is very important to know that natural cosmetics, when taking care of your hair, are very safe since they do not cause any type of allergy or harmful effect on the skin.

Another important point to keep in mind is that natural products are ideal for taking care of long-term hair health.

And last, but not least, is that by using natural products you are contributing to the conservation of the environment.

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