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Shampoo bar for normal hair

Shampoo bar for normal hair

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Our favorite shampoo for your day to day showers. Neither greasy nor astringent for your hair, it is simply a biodegradable natural shampoo that helps protect our planet since it does not contain plastic packaging.

This small bar lasts twice as long as any other 250ml liquid shampoo and as it does not contain water, it has exceptional ingredients and properties.

You can use it about 80-100 washings depending on the length and quantity of your hair.

Made with thyme and our favorite ingredient for its versatility, rosemary, this shampoo will make your hair shine naturally since it does not contain any type of silicone or petroleum derivatives.

Perfect for traveling and for generating less waste with your daily products.

What else do you need to make the switch to Rosemary Fields?

WITH: thyme and rosemary essential oils.

WITHOUT: sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, silicones, or petroleum derivatives.



Note: this shampoo is made by artisans and as such, it can have different shapes and colors. Beauty is on the inside :)

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